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DJ’s are constantly posting on Facebook and DJ forums about music services, and the question often arises as to which one is the best.  Each service offers their own unique spin as to why they are the best, however it primarily depends on your individual needs and requirements.  In most surveys, the feedback is overwhelmingly in favor of PrimeCuts and Promo Only.  But as you know, there are more than just two to choose from.  I also found positive feedback and response to iDJPool, which is the official record pool of PCDJ software.

I sent out an inquiry to the big five (iDJPool, ERG, PrimeCuts, Promo Only & Top Hits USA) and I received three reply’s.  So to be fair, I pulled a little information off of the others websites and listed their features below.  Decide for yourself!


(PrimeCuts Monthly includes only the most popular songs from Adult Contemporary, Top 40/CHR, Urban, Alternative, Country and Dance. Subscriptions to PrimeCuts Monthly are $150 a year and includes free access to PrimeCuts+.)

A weekly music service for mobile & club DJs that contains all the top releases from Adult Contemporary, Pop/Top 40, Urban, Rock, Country, Dance & Christian. Ships 52 weeks a year.

The company was founded in the mid-1960′s. While PrimeCuts was only launched just a little over 10 years ago, they’ve been doing music for radio for over 25 years.  PrimeCuts has all the hits when you need them! PrimeCuts is produced by TM Studios, Inc, a company who creates, produces and distributes music-based products and services for broadcast & non-broadcast media use.  TM Studios’ clients include radio and television stations, satellite and Internet networks, websites, the Armed Forces Radio Network, and numerous advertising agencies and commercial businesses.

Their mission is to provide DJs with all the hits when they need them!

Here are a few of the major features of PrimeCuts:

Ships weekly

320kbps MP3

Tagged with song title, artist, genre, year, BPM, & album (which PrimeCuts disc the song is on)

50+ songs a disc covering over 25 genres of music

Website with over 4000 downloads, including thousands of instrumentals & acapellas

As far as how they compare to the other companies, click this link for a chart they have showing a side-by-side comparison:           

Contact Info:  web:  •  email:  •  phone: 972-406-6800



(for cost analysis, visit

iDJPool was established in 1985 and has been servicing DJ’s for 27 years.  They are the official Record Pool of PCDJ (DJ Software).

Below are the reasons they list as to why iDJpool is the choice for DJs;                                                                                                                                                                            Unlimited Downloads | No Contracts | No Startup Fees

DJ Support we make sure we are there for the DJ’s and answer any questions they may have with fast response

We cover all genres of music for the top 100 billboard charts (Urban, Dance, Rock, Pop, Country, and Latin)

If it is a hit record we have it first since we supply DJ’s and radio stations all across the united states

We Offer 2 Options To Download (FTP Download Version & Website Download Version)

All MP3′s Are High Quality: MP3 320 kbps 44.100 kHz Constant bitrate (CBR)

Urban MP3′s come with instrumentals, acapellas and DJ intros and outros

All Music Videos Are MP4 High Quality

We cover all genres; Urban, Dance, Rock, Pop, Country, and Latin. We have intro’s and outro’s for urban also

iDJPool members receive;

Special discounts from stores when they purchase equipment  …..  Receive 10% off of The National Association of Mobile Entertainers membership ….. iDJPool Official Seal Verification ( …..

iDJPool Members Add The Official Seal To their Website which shows;                                                                                                                                                                                          Proof Of iDJPool Membership (DJ Certified – Verified – Approved) ….. Proof That their MP3 Music Audio & MP4 Music Video Was Download Legally

Contact Info:  web:  •  email:  •  Phone: 800-508-6630 (Toll Free)

iDJPool is A Division Of Illinois Record Pool


Promo Only

A subscriber-based music and music video service that caters to the complete needs of today’s music professional.  It was the first monthly music service available to music professionals on CD.

Designed by DJs for DJs, they offer their subscribers;

Radio (Mainstream, Rhythm, Country, Modern Rock, Urban, Dance, Contemporary Christian) , Club (Mainstream, Rhythm, Underground, Alternative, Urban, UK Club Beats, UK Underground) and Latin series (Tropical, Regional, Pop, Caribbean).  Insider access to promotional music, music video and exclusive edits.  A variety of online business and financial services geared to enhance your Promo Only experience.  Deep discounts on a wide selection of quality audio and video gear.  And a level of customer service and expert support that is unrivaled in the industry.

1) Promo Only provides weekly delivery, at a cost below all legal services with Intro Edits, which are DJ friendly Intros and Outros using beats from the original track i.e. not a remixed version of the song…all at no additional cost.

2) Promo Only has a daily/weekly/monthly download service that will officially launch at DJ Expo. What does this mean? D A I L Y delivery and both Apple Lossless and 320 Bitrate MP3s. AND still costs FAR less than any other legal service with more music.

3) Promo Only has more options to choose from. PERIOD.

4) Promo Only provides substantial incentives/discounts for certain professional organizations like the ADJA, RSA, and N.A.M.E.

5) Promo Only isn’t in the habit of misleading customers and potential customers when it comes to our competition, their practices or our day to day business. Don’t let exaggerations and omissions sway your buying decisions….test out the services and see what works best for YOU.

Contact Info:  web:  •  Phone: 407-331-3600


ERG Music

(visit this link for a price analysis (

Established in January 1990, ERG Music is the world’s first music promotion service specializing in commercial music requirements. ERG provides promotional music compilations of new music releases on a regular basis, including specialized programming in all music genres for a wide variety of commercial users. These include compact discs specifically designed for DJs, nightclubs, and jukebox operators.

Tuned in to DJ, nightclub and radio needs, ERG has a series of products designed to help organize the DJs music collection and increase performance. CD Binder protects and organizes your music.  With a variety of binders and sleeves the CD Binder series is sure to have a solution that is right for you.

Contact Info:  web:  •  email:  • Phone: 1-800-465-0779


Top Hits USA

(Service Cost: $54.95/month)

Founded in 1970, RPM Top Hits U.S.A. brings professional and radio DJ’s the hottest hits weekly or monthly, offered on CD or MP3 DVD ROM with data encoding. Music Video service is also available. Top Hits U.S.A. sends the hits faster and with better quality!

Now in addition to delivering the best quality weekly and monthly music service on audio CD’s, RPM adds a new super convenient service.  Now you can receive the RPM Top Hits U.S.A. service on a single DVD ROM containing all of the weekly and monthly editions of our great service, plus bonus material. Each super-hi quality track is encoded in full 320K MP3 for the best broadcast quality. Each track is also encoded with all the data related to that track for instant loading into all popular broadcast and DJ software

systems. No more manual loading and data manipulation! The MP3-DVD also contains PDF files for each music listing as well as fully updated database files covering the entire RPM Top Hits U.S.A. service for the past 18 years!


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